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Consultant Team
Dr Patricia Lobo | Consultant Partner / U.K

Dr Patricia Lobo is an entrepreneurial Life Science Consultant with an impressive track record across a broad range of experience in Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices industries.

Over the last 27 years, Patricia Lobo has undertaken a wide range of assignments for numerous international and local clients within R&D, pre-clinical, clinical research, product development and manufacturing.

She has developed considerable expertise and a first class reputation in the field of contract clinical research, contract manufacturing and packing, marketing, due diligence and business development providing in-dept market reports and strategic planning advice to major multinational companies, small and medium sized companies.
Patricia Lobo has assessed nearly 600 contract companies worldwide.

Patricia has previously worked as Head of Consulting Services at a Life Science Management Consulting Services company in the UK which included providing advice to the Corporate Finance division as well as external finance investment and equity companies.

Other previous positions included Quality Control (Contract Manufacturer), Clinical Research Manager, Oncology (Farmitalia Carlo-Erba, now Pfizer), CRA, Dermatology (Stiefel Laboratories), Manager of Oncology Business Unit (Schering Plough), and Research Metabolism/PK (Searle, now Pfizer).

Patricia has BSc degree in Chemistry and Microbiology, MSc Degree in Biochemistry at University College London, a PhD in Biochemical Pharmacology (University of Hertfordshire) and has also completed an intensive business training course at Warwick University, School of Business Studies. Patricia is Editor of Intenational Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI) and Editorial Advisor to Journal for Clinical Studies (JforCS).

Michel Josserand | Consultant Partner / France

Since 1990, Michel has been CEO of 9 companies in different fields, ranging from the small start up of 5 people up to larger companies of several thousand employees.

Michel was called in these jobs to successfully achieve the challenges and objectives of these companies:
  • structuring of a company with a very sharp growth, or
  • turn around of companies facing major difficulties: financial crisis, re-structuring, need to drastically adapt the company strategy to the market, losses following a failed merger, failed attempt of external growth, failed attempt of sale of the company or departments.

Michel is an engineer by training from Ecole Centrale de Paris, France. He also graduated from Pennsylvania State University, USA with a PhD. Michel has a very strong international experience since he managed companies in Australia, Italy, Belgium and France. He also has a very good knowledge of Korea, USA and the Netherlands.

Michel can assist you in facing the main challenges of your company, site or department. He can also manage on your behalf for a period of time to successfully achieve your objectives as a “transition” manager, at a department, site or company level.

Dr. Rolf Lambert| Consultant Partner / Switzerland

Rolf has spent the last 20 years working in the pharmaceutical industry for different contract manufacturing companies.

He has held the position of sales and marketing director with the R.P.Scherer (now Catalent) subsidiary, Backnang /Germany.

Later on he joined to SwissCaps AG, Kirchberg /Switzerland as Senior Vice President, sales and marketing; followed by a position as sales and marketing director in the Haupt Pharma Group in Germany and Switzerland.

His current position is managing director of the Dr. Rolf Lambert Pharma-Consulting GmbH with active product development for international clients (representing Kemin Health in Central Europe).
Rolfs strength lie in the:
  • Structure Analysis of CMO
  • Organisation of contractual sales forces on the strategic level
  • Training of CMO management to success
  • If needed, interim management can be provided
  • Biotech background
Rolf has studied at the University of Konstanz/Germany and Yale/USA with a masters degree in biology and biochemistry. He finished study with a PhD degree in biology. During his early career he studied in parallel BWL(Business) at the University of Hagen/Germany.

proLEMA Ltd | Company Partner Dr. Daniel Jordan, Managing Director / Switzerland

Daniel has a previous experience of about 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry. In 1980, he joined a Swiss manufacturer and distributor of own biological lyophilised products as well as a contract manufacturer in aseptic filling and lyophilisation. In this company, he was working in different departments and functions (production, quality assurance, marketing and export, regulatory affairs, “Qualified Person”, CEO).

In July 2004, Daniel joined, as Managing Director, the newly founded consultancy company proLEMA Ltd., located in Switzerland.

The consultant activities are focused on:
  • Business support and development such as strategic alliances, M&A, licensing matters, marketing studies, search of cooperation partners (contract manufacturers, marketing partners), technical audits of companies, interim management and technology transfer.
  • Quality Assurance matters (with a core competence in sterile and lyophilised products) such as QA systems and internal / external quality audits
Daniel likes working in a multicultural environment and, beside his international network; he maintains a very close relationship with Japan. He is fluent in English, French and German.

Daniel is graduated (Doctorate in physical chemistry) from Strasbourg University, France.

Mr. Peter Bae | Consultant Partner / Korea

Peter Bae has spent decade in various pharmaceutical companies in Korea, mostly engaged in Overseas Business and Business development(Import, Export, In-Out Licenising).

He is currently managing two licensing specialized consulting firms ; in-licensing for EuroKorea(Sister Company of EuroJapan Tokyo, Introducing EU based healthcare technology and product to Japan,Korea and Rest of Asia) and out-licensing for B&P Korea Healthcare Solution(Introducing Korean healthcare technology and product to his overseas’ network). His previous engaged companies which enabled him to manage current business are:
  • Sewon-Cellontech(Tissue Engineering & Cell therapies)(2007-2009) Manager, International Business BU
  • HanmiPharm (Super Generic Global Licensing) Manager, Overseas Business Development
  • ChoongwaePharma (Imipenem Cillastin Licenising to Sandoz(2001-6) Supervisor, Import/Export, Licensing and Business development.
  • Aventis Korea (APIs & Finished Dosage Form ) Import/Export, 2000-2001) Supply Chain Management.
His current position is Chief Consultant of B&P Korea Healthcare Solution Co., Ltd. guiding and leading each healthcare(Pharma, Bio, Medical Device, Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals) industry partner consultant in his firm.

Peter Bae is specialised in :
  • Business development in Cell therapies & Tissue Engineering
  • Strategic Procurement and Sourcing from low cost region(Asia-Pacific)
  • Bio-similars(Proteins, Peptides, Antibodies) Sourcing and Toll-manufacturing in AsiaPacific Region
  • Technology Evaluation and Feasibility Study for licensing deal
  • Entry Regulatory affairs including Reimbursement in evolving Korean healthcare environment
He has a good solid background in all aspects of bio-pharma, including direct experience of project planning & initiation, follow-up development, due diligence and final deal–making. Fluent in English and with basic Japanese language skills.
Currently studying part-time for a Master’s Degree in Industrial Pharmacy (Choongang Univ, College of Pharmacy)

Pierre-Anthony Brioir | Consultant LARKA / France

Pierre-Anthony, Consultant in Strategic Management & Business Development, graduated from EUROMED Business School with a master degree in Business Engineering. Through its education and previous experiences, Pierre-Anthony can assist you on the different fields of pharmaceutical manufacturing outsourcing:

  • Business Development: promotion, development, increase of contract manufacturing services sales, and brand positioning strategy of Contract Manufacturing Organizations.

  • Strategic positioning study for Contract Manufacturing Organizations : technological & commercial positioning, brand building, strategies assessment & market report.

  • Sourcing of Contract Manufacturing Organizations for the pharmaceutical laboratories according to their requirements: regularly in contact with Big Pharma sourcing executives.

  • Realization of market studies (European cytotoxic market, European and North American pre-filled syringes market, EU and USA lyophilisation market, CMO market screenings, Pharmaceutical Laboratories description and analysis)

Pierre-Anthony also created and set up the biologic CMOs directory on Larka’s Website (detailed profiles of 100 biologic CMOs).

Dr. John Robertson : Consultant Partner / Sweden

Dr. John Robertson is a Consultant and Interim Manager in early biopharm development with particular expertise in the Manufacture of Biologics, and Preclinical Safety Evaluation of Drugs & Biologics.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in these areas, John has made extensive use of out-sourcing as a preferred means to accelerate biopharmaceutical development. As a result, John is expert at defining and outsourcing the Manufacturing Process to selected CMOs to provide material for animal testing and clinical trial use, identifying and outsourcing to CROs the Preclinical Pharm/Tox studies required for clinical trial approval, as well as providing the management and troubleshooting skills required for completion of all outsourced tasks.
Prior to his recent switch to consulting, John worked for 14 years as VP Director Research & Development for a virtual European biotech company - where he took their lead Biologic (a large recombinant protein) from discovery through to clinical Phase III exclusively by outsourcing. His key achievements in that position included: defining the pilot Manufacturing Process and enabling its subsequent development to provide cGMP material at a European CMO, completion of ca. 25 preclinical safety studies for regulatory approval for first clinical trial use, and completion of three Phase I/II clinical trials. John subsequently coordinated transfer of the Manufacturing Process to a US CMO and further development to provide material for clinical Phase III/Registration in Europe and the US.

Other previous positions included: Principal Scientific Officer (Safety Evaluation) at Schering Agrochemicals, UK; Project Leader (Toxicology) at Inveresk Research International, UK; and Interim Manager (Genotoxicity CRO Lab) at Pasteur Institute, France.

John has a BSc (Gen) degree in Marine Biology & Biochemistry, a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry, a PhD in Biochemistry, and post-doctoral research experience at: the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden; and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA.

Cuttlefish Limited | Company Partner Graeme Parkinson, General manager / U.K

A commercially minded operations professional with 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, managing manufacturing facilities to stringent quality, cost and delivery criteria. Graeme Parkinson, specializes in outsourcing, cost reduction and productivity improvement in the pharmaceutical industry.

Graeme began his career working as a process scientist for Rhone-Poulenc in the UK. He then quickly moved into Production Management with Sandoz and Reckitt Benckiser. In 2001 Graeme joined the board of directors of a UK contract manufacturing company and managed the operational aspects of that business. In 2005 Graeme started up his own pharmaceutical supply based consultancy. He now provides consultancy services for a number of European pharmaceutical companies and he also owns a supply business that sources niche pharmaceutical products on behalf of his customers.

Graeme has a degree in Biology from the University of Nottingham.

Peyman Etebari
Consultant Partner / USA

Peyman is graduated from the Texas University UTD.

He has been involved with his team on several Merger and Acquisition projects in the US for EU customers.

Since he joined Larka he operated strategic missions for several global pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies that are looking to acquire manufacturing plants or corporate building in the US.

Peyman is a rigorous manager and has excellent connections with the pharmaceutical companies in the US.
Peyman has a large network of Iranian investors that deal in the US.

In charge of Larka Business development in US he represents our company’s services out of Dallas Texas.

Regularly managing various missions on key pharma players production sites:
  • Plant design and extension
  • Land acquisition and authorities approvals
  • Building program, Cost analysis, supply chain management.
  • Rationalisation of supply chain.

Peyman is an expert in selling/buying of premises and buildings (offices).

JTB Consultancy Ltd | Company Partner
Jim T. Browne

Jim Browne is an experienced senior Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Supply Consultant with proven delivery of outstanding strategic and operational benefits in leading Pharmaceutical companies and third party manufacturers, at a Global, Regional and Local level. Jim has direct experience of working in Europe, North America, Africa, Latina, Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific. Jim developed his initial R&D experience with Beecham Pharmaceuticals before moving into manufacturing with Hoechst-Roussel and subsequently gaining broad International Manufacturing and Supply experience during 24 years with GlaxoSmithKline.

His key achievements include:
  • Development and implementation of Manufacturing and Supply strategies for internal manufacturing sites and external third party networks, delivering significant network rationalisation and optimisation of supply
  • Acquisition of Pharmaceutical Businesses and restructuring of Manufacturing sites.
  • In-licensing and Supply Agreement negotiation and management of product supply from external sources.
  • Design and implementation of leading edge Operational Systems, Organisations and Staff Roles.
  • Development and start-up of new facilities and operations on internal and external third party sites.
  • Successful delivery of Site closures, complex product transfers and manufacturing base reduction.
  • On time Global New Product Launches from complex internal and external Supply Chains.
  • Focussed Operations Management driving significant improvements in Supply, Quality & Cost.
  • Effective management of Contract Manufacturing with development & implementation of new Global Organisation structures, integrated Team Roles and standard Operating systems.

Now an independent Consultant, Jim is utilising his experience and expertise to support clients on a range of Manufacturing and Supply activities including Internal and External Manufacturing Strategies, Business Development, Organisational and Operational design, Operations Management, Performance Improvement Projects and Contract Manufacturing

Tamesis Pharma LLP | Company Partner
Roger Cassidy/ UK

Roger Cassidy offers dynamic and innovative customer engagement, supply chain and strategic procurement solutions with over 30 years’ experience in major pharma and allied industries and a demonstrated track record of successful change management projects, cross cultural relationship building and the delivery of supply chain benefits with cumulative value in excess of £5bn. This has been achieved through the application of leading edge procurement practices, the development of supplier/customer relationship management models and the use of operational excellence tools, delivering superior customer value and enhanced company performance in terms of top line and bottom line growth.
After holding a number of operational and strategic management roles within GSK through the 1990’s, Roger led the Procurement Outsourcing group from 2001 until 2011. He is currently the managing partner of Tamesis Pharma LLP, a consultancy working with the leadership teams of number of companies in the pharma sector, focusing on the development of sourcing strategies, building beneficial customer and supplier relationships and putting into place secure performance and risk management models across the supply chain

Specific expertise includes:
  • Developing supply chain and sourcing strategies
  • Business case development and strategy creation in support of the company’s vision and objectives
  • Leading complex outsourcing / offshoring projects, providing optimised supply chain solutions by the use of best practice supplier evaluation, selection, risk assessment and performance management applications.
  • Leading customer/supplier relationship management programmes to leverage maximum value from the relationship.
  • Providing cross-cultural expertise and an understanding of the customer and supply markets and local ways of working, gained through leading projects and working with teams in Europe, US, India and China.
  • Leading complex technical and commercial negotiations, co-ordinating regulatory change activities internally and with external agencies.

After gaining a BSc from London University, Roger studied business administration and commercial law at the City Polytechnic, London, prior to being made a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. He is also a Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Green Belt

Thomas Vogley | Consultant LARKA / France

Thomas, Consultant in CMO Business Development and Pharma Operations holds a master’s degree in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering from Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes, France. He also spent part of his education at the School of Engineering Sciences & Management of the University of Southampton, UK.

Thomas has a strong international background since he worked and lived in France, Spain, England, USA, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Saudi Arabia. Through his past experiences in various industries and late operations management positions during the start-up phase of new subsidiaries, Thomas faced tough challenges in unstable developing markets and acquired strong business analysis skills.

Experienced in project management in multicultural environment, industrial sourcing, business development and fluent in French, English, Spanish with basic skills in Arabic, Thomas can assist with the following pharmaceutical manufacturing outsourcing fields :
  • Business Development: promotion, development, increase of contract manufacturing services sales, and brand positioning strategy of Contract Manufacturing Organizations.
  • Strategic positioning study for Contract Manufacturing Organizations: technological & commercial positioning, brand building, strategies assessment & market reports.
  • Sourcing of Contract Manufacturing Organizations for the pharmaceutical laboratories according to their requirements.
  • Supply chain management: cost analysis, supply chain analysis and rationalization.
  • Realization of ad-hoc market studies: contract manufacturing studies on specific territories (Morocco, Algeria), CMO market screenings.

Thomas is in charge of developing Larka activities in the MENA region where he spent the last 4 years.

Takahiro Kataoka | Consultant LARKA / Japan

Dr. Takahiro Kataoka started to work in 1975 as Senior Chemist, Chemical Process and manufacturing process of NCEs in R&D department for Aburahi Research Laboratories. Then he held several positions as plant manager or general manager within pharmaceutical laboratories and contract manufacturing organisations. Dr. Kataoka is also president and board member of several Japanese pharma associations or conferences. He therefore has long and highly versatile experiences in Japanese pharmaceutical business. He is able to put all his experiences and knowledge to allow you to have successful operations and deep satisfaction on your task in a changing business environment.

Dr. Kataoka is expert in the following fields:
CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls)/ Research & Development of NCEs (New Chemical Entity)/ Product Development/ Sterategic Planning of Manufacturing/ Outsourcing of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) & Pharmaceuticals/ Management of CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) Business (Company)/ Business Development in CMO/ Management of Plants for APIs and Pharmaceuticals/ Drug Regulatory Affairs (GMP/cGMP, ICH, QA)/ Manufacturing of CTMs (Clinical Trial Materials)/ Scale-up, Technology Transfer and Validation of Manufacturing Process/ Design of Plants/ Syntetic Organic Chemistry/ Computer-Aided Drug Design/ Project Management/ Project Coordination/ Negotiation/ Team Leadership/ Japanese (Native)/ English/