Capabilities Expansion

Customer Experience - CDMO was engaged in producing sterile product in Pre-Filled Syringes, and planned to expand its capacities. Larka supported its decision by providing a deep market insight.


Is This Expansion Worth It?


CDMO was engaged in producing sterile product in Pre-Filled Syringes - PFS, and planned to expand its capacities in PFS. Not being sure about knowing the market in details, CDMO asked Larka a thorough assessment of the market before investing – competition, drivers for demand, market capacity and innovation. Geography covered Western Europe, Eastern Europe and North America.

Company Profile

  • Based in Western Europe
  • Mid-sized manufacturer
  • Spanning capabilities from solid forms to injectable products
  • Offers manufacturing from phase 1 to phase 4, as well as formulation development and analytical testing

Larka's Scope Of Intervention

Larka delivered its ad hoc report, which included the following:

  • Thorough screening of all the competitors on this particular segment
  • Detailed competitors' profiles - history, strategy, capabilities
  • PFS products - in development or commercialised - analysis
  • Identification of the latest innovations in the field
  • Elaboration of a market view for the next five years, and related rationales


Based on Larka's recommendations and reports, CDMO decided not to invest into capacities expansion. However, the assignment did not stop here for Larka, which was then involved in more analyses in terms of innovation and strategic orientation.