Business Intelligence

Actionable and relevant business data you need to make strategic decisions on various topics - product portfolio, competitors, technology and innovation, geographic expansion.


Business Intelligence

Larka's experts and research desk provide an unrivalled business insight: you can make the right decision, based on thoroughly compiled facts and figures, as well as a solid expertise of our senior consultants. Our flexible approach will fulfill any of your requests.

R&D And Product Portfolio

Actionable and accurate data for decision-making to optimise your R&D or commercialised product portfolio, for any molecule, product, indication or geography. Data usually covers the following topics:

  • Historical market assessment - backward looking
  • Market rationales, and drivers identification - forward looking

Competitive Environment

Benefit from our unique expertise and shape your strategy and competitive advantages by knowing more about who you face, where you are engaged, and when you have to move. We assess your market and competitive environment:

  • For any product, API or finished form, biologic or small molecule
  • For any indication, therapeutic field or chemical class
  • For any technology, capability or service
  • For any geography, developed or emerging countries

Technology And Innovation

We offer a unique insight into which technology and innovations offer the best perspectives:

  • Explore various types of drug delivery for your clinical drug candidates and future market launches
  • Find out which manufacturing technology you need to invest in
  • Assess technological drivers for future growth and value creation

Geographic Expansion

Our local experts will address any of your issues regarding geographic expansion, whether you wish to set up, strengthen your presence, or disengage from any developed or emerging country. We usually cover the following topics:

  • Country or area's economic situation - macroeconomics
  • Government orientations towards the Life Sciences industry
  • Health system overview
  • IP protection & regulatory aspects - product registration, pricing, etc.
  • Main players in the industry: R&D, manufacturing, supply or distribution


Other Topics


Customer Experience

Do I Have To Pull The Plug?

PharmaCo needs to know if it has to disengage from a commercialised product, given the strong competition.

Is This Expansion Worth It?

CDMO looks into investing in a particular technology.

Is There A Market For My Innovation?

Biotech Co needs to make sure there's a market for this would be an innovative product.

Beyond The Line...

Contract manufacturer is looking into expanding in emerging countries for the first time.

Virtual Pharma Fund Raising

Virtual Pharma is looking into developing through fund raising.