Either you're looking to buy or sell an asset in the pharma & biotech industry, Larka will provide the expertise you need.



Decades of experience in the pharmaceutical & biotech industry combined with strong expertise in M&A operations allow us to support either buyers in defining levers of value creation, or sellers to maximise their bargaining position.


Larka industry-specific expertise provides buyers with a critical review of the target business top-line and the cost structure consistency for both past data and forecasts, as well as an objective and realistic approach of the value creation potential.

  • Identification of potential targets
  • Acquisition strategy definition
  • Target market and competitive environment
  • Target assessment based on Larka data and public information – due-diligence preparation
  • Due-diligence
    • Analytical review of all available information: data room, Vendor Due-Diligence - portfolio, technologies, competitive positioning, cost structure, sales & profitability, resources allocation, customer portfolio & pipeline, target positioning & business plan, strategy, management and operations
    • Site audit: technological capabilities, quality, HSE, human resources, expertise and know-how, asset synergies
  • Integration and separation issues
  • Strategy and management business plan, identification of levers of value creation
  • Post acquisition integration and strategy implementation

Sell-Side - Technical, Commercial & Operational VDD

An independent analysis and assessment with a full control over the type and scope of information being disclosed.

  • Corporate valuation
  • Commercial & Strategic VDD
    • Market structure, competitive environment and drivers
    • Products or businesses portfolio & pipeline
    • Customer portfolio, sales and volumes
    • Competitive positioning, customers & suppliers feedback
    • Business plan, scenario and forecast
    • Build & Buy strategy
  • Technical VDD
    • Innovation – R&D capabilities & technologies, products pipeline
    • Manufacturing and packaging capabilities, product portfolio
    • Identification of key assets, process improvement and optimisation
    • Quality and HSE environment
    • Supply chain
  • Operational VDD
    • Resources allocation and organisation structure
    • Assets and contracts
    • Procurement
    • Intellectual Property
    • Integration or separation issues, solutions and financial impacts
    • Post-acquisition transitional terms preliminary preparation


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